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Super Sexy Situations    
DVD # 002

Movie Description

This movie starts out with Juliano after a hot date with Britney... Britney is a very sexy blond to wants to have sex with Juliano! They dance, flirt, and then have hot sex in her bedroom! The next scene is with Ben and Candy. Candy has large breasts, and Ben just can't get enough of her beautiful feet! After kissing and obsessing over Candy's feet, they have sex together. Next, Juliano makes a house call at Charisma's house... Charisma loves to have sex, and decides to have sex with Juliano. In the next scene, Tala persuades Ben to have with her. Tala is a real PORN STAR! Customers are always  requesting to see more DVD movies with Tala  in them. Next, Char has a dream about having sex with the "Terminator." Next, Becca, Alison, and Victoria-Lee start to have group sex. Becca is a REAL 18 year old girl. She is very cute. As an extra bonus... Ben makes a phone call, and has sex with a small breasted brunette named Desire. This DVD is 2 hours long. It contains lots of great sex... Enjoy!

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